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As the worlds no.1 creative agency for entertainment brand licensing, Red Central needed their website to be the very best around.

We created this dynamic digital experience and brand refresh for Red Central. Together we elevated the story behind their service offering, highlighted the value they place on their culture, and gave their mouth watering case studies the structure they needed to shine. We unwrapped and then repackaged their unique ‘trend leading innovation’ approach and brought it to life in a dynamic, rich experience that would make the world want to collaborate with them.

Brand style

We created a refined brand visual style and a refreshed logo mark as part of the project to ensure maximum impact and clarity in the digital space.

Trend leading

Red Central's unparalleled research into trends across fashion, social and pop culture drives everything they do. We put this in to focus.

Red Central movie production website digital design UK

Based in the UK, Red Central travel the world to collaborate with the biggest names in the entertainment industry. The site showed how they immerse themselves in brands across the globe.

Red Central website digital design locations UK
Red Central website creative digital design UK

As self proclaimed pop culture nerds, the team at Red live and breathe the projects they work on. The tone of the copy oozes that sentiment.

Red Central brand positioning movies production UK

We worked closely with the team at Red Central to tell their story and position their service in a succinct way that showed their love for the work they do from start to finish. UX, design, copy and development worked in harmony.

Red Central ux user journeys flow design UK
Red Central clients movies tv digital creative UK

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