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The new nShift website needed to bring their new brand world to life and convey the service offering of four newly merged companies.

A company that delivers a billion shipments to 190 countries each year has several complex user journeys. We knew it was vital that we created a website that felt engaging, dynamic, but most importantly simple to navigate. Our client was delighted with the outcome.

Digital brand

The digital centric brand identity we had already created for nShift moved seamlessly into their new online presence, creating a wow factor and standout in the market.

UX approach

We created a new site and navigation structure that perfectly carried users through each tailored journey.

nShift Global Delivery Service website mobile visual

The design came together in a bespoke library of unique components, each doing an individual job in the experience. From productisation to company news, there were over 50 in total.

Our pattern library ensured consistency across the board, and brought the website to life through an array of micro interactions and animations.

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