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Create an integrated campaign that helps the Mayor achieve his vision of a cleaner, greener London.

Mike led this pitch as Associate Creative Director during his time at Zinc Network, London. The strapline and rallying cry of the campaign was ‘No More Big Smoke’ which came to life in the form of a fully integrated campaign which engaged the public in the fight for change and helped them to make choices which would reduce pollution levels in the city.

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We aimed to make Londoners realise that the situation is critical and bold action is needed by the Mayor to tackle the city’s air pollution. We also wanted to Improve understanding of how the issue can affect people and how they can act to support the change.


Ideas driven by the #NoMoreBigSmoke vehicle were aimed at 3 levels; London-wide, Neighbourhood-wide and Hyper-local. Each would target the audience in a different but equally impactful way.

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We built an emotional, long term creative platform concept that would unite a large range of messages and initiatives over the next decade or more, and can be used to speak to a range of different audiences as required.

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Out of home/digital advertising focused on a timeline of tangible changes which the Mayor of London would look to achieve through policies over the next 10 years. These would animate to illustrate a gradual cleaning of London’s air over time as each policy was introduced.

Mayor of london out of home UK

A direct comparison of London in the 50s with modern day showed the public that the pollution problem is just as present.

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Partnership with Citymapper allowed the public to choose cleaner routes on their daily travels. NoMoreBigSmoke would interact with the public in a live way through many channels encouraging them to change their behaviour.

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