Give Honda’s customers a state of the art digital driver experience. In-and-out of car interactions which allow them to manage every aspect of their vehicle.

Mike led the design on this piece of work with Great State. MyHonda intertwined it’s cars with the everyday lives of it’s owners by harnessing an engaging, adaptive in car computer to influence all areas of a drivers experience, from pre-order, through to in car use. Core features looked at tailored driver communications, engine management & cabin comfort. The work required lots of blue sky thinking, digital design & UX.

Market appeal

A key aspect of our creative approach to MyHonda was geared around bringing the personality and verve that customers have come to expect from the brand to the fore. This influenced our softer, human tone of voice, and styling.

Everyday use

MyHonda needed to be more than a functional tool, so we added a layer of everyday usefulness to it’s features that would integrate our customers cars into their day to day lives.

Honda car app interface ui design ux

The interface was designed using a clean and intuitive UI to create a cutting edge feel that naturally flowed users through its content.

Honda car app interface design
Honda car app user journey, ux, ui

Pre order engagement. MyHonda immersed customers in the creation of their brand new car with sight on build, customisation, and testing, as well as a countdown to the delivery date.

Honda car app personality tone of voice

The human feel of messaging across the app reflected the personality of Honda owners. Uplifting communications were supported by useful, tangible actions related to your active schedule or environment.

Honda app design website ui ux

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