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Intent educate towards a smarter method of user analysis in the ecommerce space. Their new identity needed to bring clarity to complex consumer insights.

The emphasis here was on creating an identity that made Intent stand out from other e-commerce analysis players. Their methods are unique and this uniqueness needed to shine through, conveying the value their approach uncovers across all platforms and media.


Intent’s focus is on challenging the rigid, outdated way that e-commerce strategy is approached. The brand we created reflects that pioneering value by using unusual design combinations in harmony,


As Intent’s approach is focussed on the simplification of data, we had to ensure that this brand oozed simplicity. To do this we used plenty of clean space and a largely monotone colour palette.

Intent brand world
Intent patterns_2

The visual language we created had an editorial design look and feel, with a ‘personalisation’ twist in the form of humanised individual ‘X’ shapes that formed unique and memorable pattern work. A freehand logo mark booted that passion and energy even further to create something that elevated both the data, and human values.

Intent brand guidelines

When it came to typography it was important to drive home that feeling of personalisation again. To do this we married up two typefaces with very different values, in Joyride and Power Grotesk. Their differing width and shape gives the feeling of individuality and allowed us to give prominence to certain words within each headline.

Intent smart analysis
Intent website

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