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As the worlds leading licensing agency, IMG needed their website to be the very best around.

We made this digital experience so much more than a showcase of IMG’s work, and created an invaluable tool for driving new industry leads. Taking users on a seamless journey of exploration, inspiring them to enquire and rightfully presenting IMG as the leader in this space.

Unique directory

We produced a unique directory experience, which facilitates the browsing of IMG’s vast client list. It inspires but remains digestible.

Wow factor

Every touch point was brought to life by an array of micro interactions and animations, adding dynamism.

Client overview directory

To get ourselves fully immersed in IMG and what they offer in this space, we carried out insights workshops. This lead us to creating a site structure geared around the enquiry.

IMG Website client cards angry birds
IMG Licensing Website
IMG Licensing Home deeper

The site was built for longevity and natural expansion over time. Its structure provides flexibility to grow, as IMG’s client list expands. The use of video content and a clever content hierarchy gives the experience a freshness on each visit.

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