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Give Six Agency an online presence to stand out amongst the best full-service agencies around.

Mike led this project as Digital Creative Director at Six Agency, Bristol. It positioned Six as a cutting edge agency who’s expertise sit across all areas of the creative process, and ensured their updated outward facing offering reflected the 360 space they have occupied in recent years. Showcasing their ‘Brand Culture Studio’ proposition was the key aim for launch, as well as portraying their innovative prowess and unique approach to their people.

Work that shines

Creative agencies live and die by what they produce. Great work with a unique approach, honest intent and wonderful results is paramount. We made sure the stories on show were worth telling, and told well.

Clear values

Showing how Six is different from other agencies in its approach to both new work, and its staff made the difference here. Appealing to thought leaders and innovators in a way that they hadn’t done previously.

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Six’s agency ethos positions them as ‘The Brand Culture Studio’. Telling this story in an engaging way was essential. We weaved it into all aspects of the online experience, from the work on show, to the culture content, everything was joined up.

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We selected, curated and presented Six case studies to ensure they showed the full impact of each project, both on the clients brand and more broadly on the industry landscape as a whole.

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The Six team are active participants in issues surrounding the world they work in, so it was essential we cast this clear and united voice as far as possible.

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